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» Comics - Chapter 1 page 5 - March 30th, 2009, 4:16 pm

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The Management Says:
Nisey, March 30th, 2009, 4:46 pm

Cheese = delicious.

EDIT: Let's all welcome the Good Prince himself to the team, guys! <3

>_>; Anyway, figured it'd be nice to get the "man with the idea" himself on here for some additional information and feedback. Treat him well~ :D; <3

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User Comments:
Iskeirka, March 30th, 2009, 7:19 pm

Cheese is delicious indeed.

Llawliet11, March 30th, 2009, 10:25 pm

Cheese with syrup would be nice right now:D

Death Kitteh, March 31st, 2009, 2:47 am

Metaphorical Cheese, yes. Lol

SapphireSophilia, March 31st, 2009, 5:33 pm

hmmmmmmmmmm...cheese :D

Jayu (Guest), March 31st, 2009, 6:28 pm

wow...never knew 'honeyed' was a word...

fgirlmaggie, April 1st, 2009, 12:34 am

lol actually, I don't think it IS a word. This whole time I'm like "LOL THIS NOVELIST SHOULD PROBABLY NOT BE AS FAMOUS AS SHE IS SINCE THIS IS WRITTEN KINDA FUNKY" buuuut then again, I hate really cheesy romance shit, so maybe it's appealing to someone more feminine than I.

Who am I to judge?

I completely forgot what this comic was, so I just didn't check the updates when I came on last night. I just checked to comics and logged off. xD Good thing I looked now. :P

idontknowszz, August 9th, 2010, 8:43 pm

>w< *wiggle* iiiits sooo romantic!!!!...sory its just reminds me of romio and juliet...=-= but i havent red the book so i cant exacly say but you know with out romio and stuff *hand jestures* buuuut you know what i mean right? good

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